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Monday, February 23rd, 2015
10:22 am - Well, that happened
Went to go collect the donation of 3000 CDs this morning. I took 4 members of the library's music team (2 staff colleagues, 2 grad students) plus John. We had one pickup truck and 2 Subaru Foresters. Yesterday after troupe practice I came to the library and yoinked as many empty book-shipping boxes as would fit in my car (25-30?), then went to the store for packing tape and sharpies.

That... Was not 3000 CDs. I don't think it was even 1000 CDs. With my team of 5, we finished packing the boxes and loading Neil's truck in under half an hour. We used 7, maybe 8, boxes. By the time I got to campus (after stopping at home to let John pick up his car), my team had already unloaded all of the boxes and taken them up to the gift storage room on the 4th floor.

On the one hand, I'm really thankful for my team's help and relieved to have the rest of the morning free before I head to the airport. On the other hand, I'm torn between annoyance at all the sturm und drang the donor's massive overestimate of his collection caused, and a bit embarrassed about asking my team to all come out so early and help with what turned out to be a pretty minor task. Still, I'm glad I was done by 9 am.

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Monday, April 29th, 2013
12:30 pm - It feels like all I ever do anymore is travel, or get ready to travel
My conference presentation last week went okay. And the weather was gloriously lovely for driving from Vancouver back to Eugene. I could see all the big snowy mountains: St. Helen's, Adams, Hood, Washington, and the Three Sisters. I love that.

Got home Thursday evening and cleaned up the guest room, then spent the rest of the evening hanging out with John, who is starting to feel like a dance/conference widower. Got up early Friday morning, furiously cleaned the living room and bathroom, went in to the School of Music for an hour and a half to go through some donations from the estate of a recently deceased emeritus faculty member to see if there was anything the library could accept (out of 6 or 7 bankers boxes' worth, I culled together about 1 box that we can add), then came back home to continue to furiously clean.

And then I went to the train station and picked up a Daniel, who is stopping by for about a week mid-walkabout. He was going to stay here for a few days and then go to Portland and then Seattle, but finding people to stay with in Portland didn't end up working out, and since I'm driving to Seattle on Thursday, I suggested he just stay at my place till then and ride up with me then. After I picked him up, we needed lunch and it was such a pretty day that we decided to drive out into the country and have a schmancy lunch at King Estate winery. Then we did some wine tasting. It was fun.

Saturday we went to the Eugene Saturday Market for a little while, then took a day trip to the coast. John was going to come with us, but when we had just parked downtown and were walking towards the Market, he slowed down and said he was having a little bit of pain in the kidney stone area. He decided he wasn't up for much of a trip, so I took him back to my house (where his car was), and he went home to rest and hydrate like a mofo. Poor boy. We were hoping that was going to mean that the stone would finally pass that day, but no dice. Happily the pain didn't last long and never got too bad. I went back to the Market, met up with Daniel for some food, then some walking around and people-watching, then we hit the road for the coast.

It was gorgeous out on the coast, though about 10 degrees cooler. I'd never been out there in the spring before-- there was bright yellow Scotch broom blooming all over the hillsides, and it was so green. We stopped in Florence to walk around. I was hoping we could do high tea at Lovejoy's, but we just missed them and they'd closed 15 minutes before we got there. We got some coffee and a snack at another place that had riverside seating, which was nice. Then we went out to hike the Oregon Dunes a bit. When Josh visited me a few years ago, we drove about 25 miles south of Florence to hike the Dunes in a spot where there were several miles of dunes between the road and the ocean, and it was just giant hills of sand as far as the eye could see. That was cool and otherworldly (and makes you realize why Frank Herbert first conceived the idea for the Dune books there), but it was also more of a time commitment than we wanted to make. So instead we went to the very northern tip of the dunes, just across the river from Florence, where the Dunes are narrow and quite scrubby and grown over with beach grass. It was a short jaunt up and over and down to the ocean, which was just right. We also walked out to the tip of the South Jetty, where the Siuslaw River empties out into the Pacific.

Then we hit the road again and headed north up 101, which is a great twisty-turny cliffside road along the ocean. We stopped here and there at the turnoffs to just look at the scenery and take photos. But I also wanted to get us to the Hobbit Beach trail, which I had tried to find one of the previous times I'd been out that way, but had missed. It's a short distance from the trailhead to the beach, about half a mile, but it has a significant elevation drop and some really beautiful spots. The forest there had a lot of presence, very palpable energy. You hike through temperate rainforest, then through a tunnel-like "hobbit hole", and come out to this flat, quiet beach. It's lovely. The hike back up gets your blood flowing, though, as it's uphill the whole way. It took about an hour all in all, including wandering around the beach for a bit.

By then, it was twilight and we were hungry again. Originally I'd intended to drive us all the way up to Newport, but since we'd gotten such a late start, I decided just to go as far as Yachats. We got dinner at a nice restaurant, then headed back to Eugene the way we came. A little more than midway through the coast range, we passed a car stopped on the shoulder and realized there was a person waving at us. I almost missed them because they didn't have hazard lights or headlights on, and it was pitch black in the middle of the mountains. We turned around and went back, and it turned out to be a couple of kids in their 20s who were having trouble with their car. And by "trouble", I mean "a distinct lack of oil." They also had a distinct lack of any idea what to do about it, including putting on their hazard lights, which we told them several times they needed to do. (They told us that "like 30 cars passed us before you stopped!" I put my hazards on as soon as I pulled over to see if they needed help, and the next 4 cars to come by all stopped to ask if we needed help, or at least slowed down.) The guy of the pair told us it was the radiator and asked for water, so we let him use what was left in our respective water bottles. But we could smell burning oil and asked him if any warning lights had come on in the dashboard, and they said the oil pressure light was on. The guy checked the oil dipstick and it was dry. He had a container of oil and put however much was left in it in the oil reservoir. They wanted to know how far it was to Veneta or Florence, and which was closer. We didn't know for sure, and there was no cell reception or GPS signal there, but I was pretty sure we were on the eastern side of the mountains at that point, and that we were closer to Veneta than to Florence, which is where they were headed. We decided that they'd head back towards Veneta and we'd follow them in case they had more trouble. There was a huge puddle of oil on the ground when they pulled away. They did okay for about a mile, and then we started to go uphill, and they lost oil pressure and got slower and slower and slower. They pulled off into a parking lot of a little general store, and I could see smoke coming from their hood. By that time, though, the girl of the pair had been able to reach her folks in Florence, and they were coming to pick them up. We asked if they wanted us to stay with them till their people arrived and they said no, so we continued on our way and got home around midnight.

Sunday we slept in and took it easy. Headed out for a walk around 2:30 and found the Masonic Cemetery, which covers 10 acres on the side of a hill. It has this big Egyptian Revival mausoleum, which is only open 1 afternoon a month, and this happened to be that afternoon. Serendipity! The cemetery and mausoleum are no longer run by the Masons, who couldn't afford the upkeep anymore; the mausoleum in particular has suffered a lot of damage from flooding, vandals, frat hazing activities, and use as a shelter by homeless people. It's still an active cemetery and mausoleum, however-- in fact, there was a burial happening in the mausoleum later that afternoon-- and it's on the National Register of Historic Places, and is run by a small historical non-profit. I didn't have much time to wander the cemetery grounds, because I had to get back home to go to a troupe rehearsal, but Daniel stayed and explored more. Also, about a block away, on a corner of a random house's yard, we found an 18" replica of Stonehenge that is aligned with the equinoxes. I was a bit bummed that the house whose land it's on is a rental, and is inhabited by vapid college kids, who told us that the mini-henge was there when they moved in, and they "tried to fix it, but it didn't work." *facepalm*

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Friday, December 7th, 2012
1:27 pm
Well, at least I had two cat puke-free days.

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2012
8:32 pm - Kitty yayz

For the first time in over a month, both cats' food bowls were empty when I got home from work this evening, AND Schmendrick started chowing down as soon as I refilled his dish. Also, this was day 2 of no cat puke. Yay! Progress!

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Thursday, November 29th, 2012
3:53 pm - Kitty woes
Took Schmendrick back to the vet yesterday. The appointment was at 2:30, so I came home from work early, and he already seemed perkier (I hadn't given him any methimazole since Tuesday morning), and it looked like he'd eaten a bit. He was still a bit off, though-- after I put him into the carrier, he didn't start mewing until we pulled into the vet's parking lot, and normally he complains the entire time. Also, he normally wanders around the exam room exploring, but this time, once the vet had finished examining him, he just went under a chair and hid.

He weighed 10.7 lbs, which means he's lost almost half a pound since the last visit a couple weeks ago, which is almost certainly because he's barely kept any food down for the last 5 days. But the vet said his hydration and color were good, so no systemic drug reaction and no liver issues (I was really worried about the latter.) The vet agreed with me that it was probably the oral methimazole that was making him so sick, and that it was pretty obvious that we should switch him to the ear gel version of the thyroid meds, since it won't interfere with his digestive system. We also talked about the radioactive iodine treatment; while it is pricey (around $1000 at the clinic that does it in Springfield, though I heard quotes that were double that from my vet friend in Bloomington, so I guess our local rate is cheap by comparison), it's also the gold standard for treating hyperthyroidism in cats, and once it's done they usually don't have to be medicated anymore. I told him I was interested in pursuing that, but not till after the holidays, and not till he's stabilized a bit-- in his current state, I don't want to send him off to have some stressful experience where he has to be quarantined for almost a week. My vet says they schedule those treatments at least a month in advance anyway, but he agreed that it would be good to try the ear gel, see if we can get Schmendrick's weight back up, and test his T4 levels in a month before moving forward with Operation:Radioactive Cat.

So all of that was reassuring, and my vet didn't seem like "OMG, EMERGENCY INTERVENTION, STAT!!!" (which was more like my inner monologue.) So I drove up to Portland and went to dance class with RB at Datura (it was awesome, by the way), and got home around midnight, where I found that Schmendrick hadn't eaten any more food, and had thrown up again. Since his belly was empty, it was just liquid, but it had kind of weird pinkish color. As I was mopping it up with paper towels, I looked at the damp spots in the paper towels and noticed they were flecked with blood. D: I suspect his poor stomach (or maybe esophagus) is just so irritated at this point that that's why, but it did cause me a freakout. Debating whether to call the vet back, or see if it was a one-time thing. When I got up this morning, he seemed to be feeling bad again and hadn't eaten anything overnight (though he slept next to me all night, and when I got up I discovered that the furnace had switched itself off at some point and had to be reset, so it was pretty chilly in the house... so perhaps he wanted warmth more than food, especially now that he doesn't have lots of extra padding anymore.)

I guess I'll see how he's doing tonight when I get home, and if the vomiting blood thing seems to get worse, I'll call the vet's office.

I just want my handsome cat to feel better. Isn't there any kind of anti-emetic for cats? If we have medicine to make children stop feeling nauseated and not throw up, why can't there be something similar for pets?

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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
2:40 pm - Favorite one-line commentary on the election
From somebody in the election thread in the This Is How A Feminist Knits group on Ravelry:

Binders Senate full of women.

Fuck yeah.

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Thursday, October 25th, 2012
7:40 pm - Insert witty title here

I finally went back to yoga tonight, after a nearly 3-week hiatus since my 30-day card ran out. I didn't mean to stay away, I just had the Groupon to redeem, which required a person to be in the office, and the only classes I've had time to make lately have been the 6 am ones, when only the instructor is there. So hopefully this will mean more yoga; I desperately need it.

Also, the woman in the office when I checked in today had a 1.5 week-old puppy asleep in her arms. It had been abandoned by its mom, do she is its new mommy. It was such a sweet sleepy little sausage!

John and I went down to Cottage Grove (the next town south, about a 30-minute drive) to see Unwoman perform. She was with a steampunk band called Insomniac Folklore, who I guess are quasi-local, and I think it was pretty much a pit stop on their way up to Seattle for Steam Con. My favorite thing about Insomniac Folklore was that, for reasons unexplained, one of the backup singers had a bespectacled sheep puppet who lip-synced along and occasionally blew bubbles. I would like to see more sheep-based musical entertainment. Unwoman's set was good, though she was a bit under the weather and kept the set short to save her voice. John and I were pretty much the only audience members at the show; there were a couple people sitting at the bar, but I'm not sure if they came for the show or just stopped in for a drink. We chatted with Erica and her mom (who is SO NICE) after the show, and Erica gave me a copy of her newest album as a donation to the library (I told her that I'd ordered a couple of her CDs last year for the library, and did the original cataloging to add them to OCLC.)

This is Grantmas Eve. Tomorrow I find out if the Variations grant gets funding. Well, I hope I find out tomorrow; I'm not sure if they'll make announcements the same day as the decisions, or if we have to wait till next week to hear.

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Monday, October 15th, 2012
11:29 am - And another one
John Compton died last night. I knew that he had AIDS, and I knew that he had retired from dancing for health reasons about 6 months ago (granted, it wasn't the first time he'd claimed to be retiring, but this one seemed to be doctor's orders, and seemed to stick), and he hadn't posted on Facebook in a while, but still, it came as a shock.

He was such a light in the dance world-- for traditional folkloric dance, for tribal style, for the old style of unabashed hammy showmanship and the new style of fearless experimentation, for being a male dancer in a largely female profession, and for being living history and still frank and snarky. His tray dance was a thing of legend; who else could do the exact same dance routine for 40 years and still have it look as fresh and exciting at 60 as it did at 20? I'd long admired him from afar, and am grateful that I got to study with him once, my last year in Indiana. Grateful too that I got to have a front row seat for that amazing tray dance:

Random factoid: he went to high school with my mom and my uncle Rob (he was the year in between them).

Here's a much longer, but higher res and more beautiful, video of John and Hahbi'Ru performing at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. Oh, the assuit, and the richness of their staging.

And here's Tribalation, performing our "a cappella" version of John's famous cymbal dance choreography:

I would very much like it if people who were important to me would stop dying en masse. This fall has been brutal. Anne, Gloria, Mary, John, all in the last month.

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Friday, October 12th, 2012
1:42 pm - RIP
I received a message through the Music Library Association email list that Mary Wallace Davidson died yesterday morning, after a long battle with lung cancer. Mary was the director of the Cook Music Library at IU when I arrived as a new grad student in 2000, and she retired around 2005, though she stuck around campus doing some volunteer work for a couple years afterwards before moving back to Boston, where she still remained active within the field of music librarianship and wrote regular concert reviews up until August of this year. She was by far the most caring and dedicated mentor I had the privilege to work with at Indiana; she took me under her wing before I'd even arrived on campus, helped me get my first student job in the music library and helped me move up through a series of other (more interesting and better paid) student positions there, including getting me hourly work, and then a GA, on the Variations2 project.1 I was the only new dual-degree Musicology/Library Science student to enter in the fall of 2000, and she not only connected me to the other music librarians and music librarianship students there, she also often invited me over for dinner, and occasionally hired me to cat- or house-sit for her. She was interested in my work, but also in my life and interests, and this was true of her interactions with my fellow student colleagues as well. I last saw her at the MLA conference in February 2011, literally 3 days after I started my job at UO, and there were a lot of IU music librarianship alums of my generation there; I remember how happy and proud she was at seeing all her little chicks together, now budding professionals in the field.

She always seemed to know everybody (not just in the music library profession, but in the broader music world), and knew the history of every music library everywhere, it seemed. She was great at connecting people to the people she thought they should know. She had a broad reach as a scholar and mentor, and was unfailingly kind and modest.

My friend and IU classmate Thom, now a librarian at the Library of Congress, wrote on his Facebook page yesterday:
There is a saying that "when a person [original quote I found was: old man] dies, a library burns to the ground." I feel that we have just lost one of the greatest libraries in the world today.

I couldn't agree more.

1. I'm not sure if it's ironic or appropriate that the day of her death was also the day I learned that the grant I spearheaded to purchase Variations for the Orbis Cascade Alliance libraries received the highest recommendation score from the State Library advisory committee of all the grant proposals they received this year-- their recommendations go to the State Library Board of Trustees, who make the final awards decisions in two weeks. I definitely would not have felt at all capable of taking on that grant so late in the game without my experience actually working on/with Variations at IU, which was thanks to Mary.

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2012
10:26 am
I did some runework last night, and left the runes I drew out on the coffee table for further contemplation and gestation of thought. This morning as I was in the kitchen packing my lunch, the kitten came in, batting around one of the rune discs and trilling in delight. I picked up the rune she was playing with: Wunjo. Joy. Of course.

It's been a rough week. As if the terrible news about Dr. McLucas on Sunday wasn't already bad enough, John and I had a huge fight on Monday, and while we've talked more since, it's not resolved, and I'm not sure it can be. I asked him for some space for a while so that I can think things over.

But I'm glad of Truffle's reminder.

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Monday, September 10th, 2012
10:26 am - The rain returned today
This weekend was going pretty well; nice and mellow. Went to a wine & tapas tasting with coworkers on Friday night; went to a dance workshop and then a yoga class on Saturday, then spent a chill evening at home with kitties and knitting. Yesterday was Eugene Sunday Streets, where they block off a bunch of streets from car traffic and encourage foot, bike, and skate traffic, as well as offering a bunch of live music, wellness booths, and activities in local parks. It was in my neck of the woods this year, so I walked out to go check it out, watched some music, aerial silks, and acro-yoga, and took some free classes in hooping and sun salutations. The weather was beautiful, and there were kids and families and older folks and dogs everywhere, and everybody was in a good mood. I even met this year's Slug Queen, who was out rambling in full knitted regalia. I stopped by the hippie market on the way home to get some more fresh figs (I am obsessed with fresh figs), and stopped at the organic frozen yogurt cart next door to get some vegan organic vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh figs swirled into it. So good. All in all, I walked about 4 miles, did about 45 minutes of hooping, and 30 minutes of yoga. Took a short nap when I got home, then made a pot of veggie soup and went to dance class (where, thankfully, I didn't have to dance that much, since I was pooped and the student troupe was prepping a set for next week's studio salon.)

And then I came home and found out that one of my faculty members and her partner had been murdered, apparently by her partner's son.

I didn't, and still don't, know what to do with this. It seems unreal. I don't even know how to answer the question when people have asked me if we were close-- not really, and yet, she was one of the most welcoming faculty members when I first arrived here, and has probably had the most correspondence with me of any of the faculty here. I just ordered a bunch of book requests she'd sent me. And I knew her socially a bit, mostly through my friend Kim, whose dissertation she was chairing. I met her partner only once, at Kim's Dia de los Muertos gathering last year, and I remember them seeming like an odd match but clearly happy with each other. She came to my office this past spring when the new faculty union was having its union card drive, to convince me to sign a card and join the union. She always seemed to have a strong will, but was never domineering, and always cared.

I've lost people to cancer, to car accidents, to the ravages of old age, to birth defects and illness, and to war. I've never lost anyone to individual violence deliberately perpetrated by another human. It seems so surreal; I don't know why it happened, and so I can't form a story to make sense of it. To have somebody live so long, so brilliantly, with such a successful career, and then to have their light snuffed out like this, at this point in their life... I don't know how to process it.

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Monday, August 13th, 2012
6:02 pm - OMG shoes
At one point while driving around Seattle this past weekend, we were sitting at a traffic light and some pedestrians and bicyclists were crossing in front of us. This striking fatshionista with a shaved head rode past on a bike, and I was caught by her boots: Doc Martens, with a sort of vintagey floral pattern. I purged my last beat-up pair of Docs during my last move, and I haven't really kept up with their current styles, but I just assumed that these were older ones that the fatshionable cyclist had on.

I've bought shoes a few times off of Planetshoes.com (sort of like Zappos but more environmentally friendly and they donate proceeds to good causes.) I got an email today that they were having a big summer clearance sale, so I clicked over and filtered the outlet options by my size, not really looking for or planning to buy anything.

And lo! There were the vintagey floral Docs. And there was one pair left in stock, and it was in my size. And they were half off.

So I bought them.

I may have also bought a pair of way-marked-down Kalso Earth boots, because I love me some Earth shoes, and some cute peep-toe flats by a brand I don't know that cost almost nothing. Because I could, and ohmigod, shoes.

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Wednesday, August 1st, 2012
3:31 pm - Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.
In short:

  • 8 Elements Cultivation was amazing, inspiring, transporting, and blew the top of my head right off. Got word this morning that I passed the test, so I'm now certified for Phase 2. Woohoo!

  • Came back to work to dive right back into grant proposal hell.

  • Took sick day yesterday: random fever with aches and fatigue, but no other symptoms. WTF, body? Had plans to work on grant proposal while malingering on the couch, but slept instead. Couldn't really afford to lose that day of work, though.

  • No plans for Lughnassadh (can't make it up to Trout Lake this weekend, too much going on), and no plans to do solitary ritual cause I suck at it. Missing the Black Bears and our Way Old Games of Lugh a lot.

  • Need a massage like whoah cause I tweaked something in my right hip last week, and it's still pinchy after a few days of rest. Argh.

  • August is going to be crazy, especially the weekends: workshop (in town, thankfully) with Ashley Lopez this weekend; going to Seattle for the Dead Can Dance show next weekend; in Portland for JamBallah the weekend after that; and leading our student troupe in a performance with Americanistan at Eugene Celebration the weekend after that. Also leading our student troupe for a gig out at the winery where my ex-neighbor works the day before JamBallah, and teaching a couple of Sabine's classes in there while she's off hiking in the wilderness with her family.

  • A FB friend posted that Dethklok was playing in Seattle tonight, kicking off a tour. J has me hooked on Metalocalypse, so I eagerly went to the Googles to see if they would be coming down I-5 to Portland or Eugene. Alas, I learned that the tour has been cancelled, due to the lead singer of one of the other bands being arrested and jailed. Argh! That ams brutals. I just want to go on a magical underwater adventure with my friend Toki, is that so much to ask?

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    Tuesday, July 17th, 2012
    11:55 am - Momentary surfacing
    Popping in at work today to handle some tasks and have a bit of normalcy.

    In short: my friends Bridget and Dave came down from Seattle for Fair and stayed at my house, AND my parents arrived in town, so it's been busy. Showed parents around Eugene, they met John (who has won them over quite thoroughly, as expected), we went to the Oregon Country Fair on Sunday, yesterday we drove out to the coast and got our fill of fog and sea lions and seafood. I'm working for a bit today, and tonight they'll meet my dance troupe (we're having a farewell dinner for Kathryn before she and her gf move to Austin on Thursday). Tomorrow we'll probably drive into the mountains and do a loop to Sisters. Thursday we'll stick close to town, and that evening they'll drive back up to Portland, from whence they fly out on Friday morning. Then Saturday I head to Portland for 8 Elements: Cultivation!

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    Friday, July 6th, 2012
    12:25 pm
    After Tunisian class last night, I ran some errands at Target and Walmart. John and I are heading down to Roseberg this weekend for Sabine's big 4th of July/anniversary party, and we're going to camp there for 2 nights (as opposed to last year, when I rode down and back the same day with my friend Jenny and her kids.) I also was picking up some other supplies as I'm starting to get ready for my parents' impending visit... that desire to be perceived as a competent adult who does not in fact live in squalor is strong. :P

    Anyway, I bought a new vacuum cleaner last night. The cheap little canister one I already had still works, and it does fine on the hard floors in the kitchen and bathroom, but it's fighting a losing battle against the cat hair and carpet, especially now that I have two cats and live in a house with new and fairly deep shag carpeting. So I did a little research on good vacuums for pet hair, and then picked up a Hoover pet hair something-or-other at Target last night. It's bagless, which I prefer, and it has a washable filter, which is also good. I tried it out on the living room floor when I got home, and it seems to work well-- I didn't need to go over everything twice like I usually do, the brush didn't get tangled with my hair, it sucked up a whole bunch of stray litter over in the doorway to the room with the litter boxes, and inside the canister at the end was what looked like an entire cat's worth of hair and dust. Yuck, but also awesome. So I'm pleased with that.

    Is it a sad sign of adulthood that I'm excited about a vacuum cleaner?

    Since we're quasi-camping this weekend, I also got a bigger cooler (that came with an insulated drink pitcher and some freezer packs) while at Target. There was some other stuff that I couldn't find at Target (or they were out or didn't have the versions I wanted), so I ended up going across the street to Walmart. Usually for camping in my tent, I just make do with my Thermarest air pad for cushioning, as I don't mind sleeping on the ground. But John hasn't done very much camping, plus my Thermarest is just a one-person width, so I ended up getting an air mattress and pump at Walmart (Target only had queen-sized ones, which would be bigger than the footprint of my tent; I got a full at Walmart); I figure it will work okay for this, and in the event that I ever have more people staying at my house than I have futons, it would be one more bed option. I also got a couple of those cheap fold-up camp chairs-- again, Target had some, but all that was left of their stock were ones that had coolers attached and other such nonsense, and I didn't really want to pay $35 apiece. Interestingly, Walmart had a much wider selection of them, including chairs that were rated to support up to 400 lbs (those were like $50, compared to $10 for the really cheap flimsy ones.) But I guess that makes sense that they would have a bigger camping section, since it was right next to the gun & hunting section.

    It's been months since I've set foot in either Target or Walmart. In Bloomington I used to go to Target all the time, because it was like a mile from my apartment, whereas the Walmart was on the other side of town and thus out of the way. Here they're across the street from each other, and both on the opposite side of town from my house, so I never go to them. (They're actually pretty close to John's apartment, so I do get over to that side of town pretty often, but they're still not directly on either of the routes I take to get there.) Anyway, it was weird. First, it was weird that I could totally find my way around the Target in spite of not having been there since sometime last fall; I guess they really are all laid out the same way. Second, Walmart was bizarrely busy for 10 pm on Thursday night (and there were only a couple of cashiers open, so the checkout lines were long, blah.) There's also something about Walmart that feels particularly soul-sucking to me in a way that Target doesn't. Maybe because it's so much bigger, and the different sections of things feel crammed and jumbled together more than at Target, which seems to divide and organize things a bit more carefully. I dunno. I was also exhausted at that point, feeling the effects of a tough core & stretch class that I went to on my lunch break yesterday, plus the Tunisian dancing, plus the sensory overload and just having been on my feet for about 5 hours straight at that point.

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    Thursday, July 5th, 2012
    11:44 pm - Tunisian dreams

    Tonight was the last night of Tunisian dance class with Amel. We brought our costumes (as much of them as we had, anyway), and she helped us get assembled. I was wearing this Moroccan necklace that I got for a song at the Bloomington UU white elephant sale years ago, the one with the copal and the southern cross pendant, and she zoomed in on it right away, asking me where I'd gotten it and telling me about the different beads in it. I love when she does that.

    Then she wrapped all of my head scarves for me and made my head look awesome. Whee!

    We rehearsed our piece with her for 2 hours, in costume. I was relieved to find that some of the nuances of a particularly tricky step that's been giving me trouble finally seemed to stick. (We had drilled it eleventy-seven times at the last class, but I hadn't had time to practice on my own at all.). It really did make a difference having the wool belts and big hip tassels and the flowy toga-like fabric. The moves felt different with all of that on.

    We finally got the piece down. By which I mean, we got it into a consistent order of moves that we can now remember enough to rehearse and refine, not that we're awesome at it and will be performing it this month, cause, uh, no. I am nervous about practicing it without Amel, because when she's not there, I feel like I forget all the nuances that make the moves look folkloric, and they end up looking bellydancey instead.

    At the end of the class, Amel said (to the whole class) that I looked amazing, that I had taken to the moves so well and in the costume I was dancing beautifully. She didn't say that about anyone else, not even Sabine. I was stunned and thrilled and humbled and a little embarrassed and a bit starstruck. I'm writing it here because I want to remember.

    Oh, I wish she wasn't moving away so soon! And that I could have been studying with her regularly for much longer!

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    Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
    1:09 pm - Fake Monday is fake
    That was a good weekend, though I feel like I could use one more day off. I had a day of sloth and gentle errand-running, then a productive day of troupe practice and dinner-party-hosting, then another day of sloth + gardening and troupe practice. At least this will be a short work week. And payday, which will be welcomed with great cries and exaltations.

    Sunday night I had a dream about the zombie apocalypse, from which I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep for a while. And then I got up Monday morning and heard about the naked cannibal zombie guy in Florida, and thought "It has begun." Following this, I thought "Tonight, I would like to dream of winning a large sum of money." As far as I know, that didn't happen.

    I have berries growing on my strawberry plants. And the beginnings of little broccoli florets. And tons of tender yummy lettuce. And my potatoes are going crazy. More gardening needs to happen this weekend.

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    Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
    3:46 pm - Commence panic in 3...2...1...
    So, I'm the featured soloist in the MEDGE show on Friday. (You should come!) As is typical, I am feeling under-rehearsed, sleep-deprived, am wavering between thinking everything I do is too boring and fearing that everything I'm attempting is too ambitious, am frantically sewing a new costume that may or may not turn out, and I'm about to start my period. Yep, it's a performance week. Yay.

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    Friday, May 11th, 2012
    10:45 am - Tribalation at Breitenbush
    I had meant to post this sooner, but evidently forgot. At any rate, here's the video of my performance with Tribalation at Breitenbush a couple of weeks ago, doing our a capella version of John Compton's Cymbal Dance, with a bit of ITS at the end. This was at an informal salon for the other retreat-goers, hence the simpler costumes/hair, lack of stage makeup, and low lighting.

    It still kind of weirds me out to see photos/videos of myself dancing in a troupe where we're all roughly the same height, after so many years of always being the tallest member of any troupe by a significant margin. It's actually kind of... nice?... to look average. [Oh, and innostrantsa, the dancer in the front in the green pantaloons is K, who will be moving your way in August.]

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    Wednesday, April 18th, 2012
    6:23 pm - Some days I want to marry Jon Stewart

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